15 Most Promiscuous Cities In The World

Hot people, loose morals, lots of flirting and plenty of bare skin. Some cities really do seem to have it all. There are cities that are known for fashion, cities that are known for food and even some cities that are famous for fitness. But when your idea of a good time means having good times, you want to go to a city that’s a little bit more well-known for something steamier in nature.

Visit one of the most promiscuous cities in the world for flirtation, and possibly lots more. These are the cities where you’ll find hot people, wild night life, secret sex and partners who are willing to try anything at least once…or a few more times, after that. The most promiscuous cities have active dating scenes, active love scenes and maybe even places that look like they were created to be part of scenes in a sexy movie.

The world’s most promiscuous cities are also the world’s sexiest places. From a Naked City to a city where sex sells itself under red lights, these places are all worth visiting if you’re feeling a little wild. Whether you just want to flirt or you’re trying to have a full-blown affair, this is where you need to go to make your promiscuous fantasies come true.

15. Carlisle, United Kingdom


A survey through a dating website determined that Carlisle is Europe’s most promiscuous city. In this city, a shocking 100 percent of male survey-takers said they had 14 or more sexual partners a year. In case you’re not doing the math, that’s more than one hook up a month. That much promiscuous behavior is bound to make tea time much more fun.

Of course, the results do vary by gender. If you’re looking for promiscuous women, Carlisle might not make first place on your list. While men reported to having numerous sexual partners throughout the year, women here only have three to four different partners a year.