Top 5 reasons why men love breasts so much

Have you ever wonder why men love breasts so much and easily attracted to women with big boobs? Why men love to see, feel or touch women’s breasts so desperately? And why they are the source of relief, comfort and intimation at the same time? Let’s find out the answers in this article.

Breasts are made of a network of tissues spread over the surface of the chest. Glandular tissues and fatty tissues are involved in the production of breasts in women. The volume and aggregate of fat deposits inside the breasts defines their size.

Breasts are the symbol of beauty and nobody can ever doubt that men love women’s breasts more than any other part. However, their fondness and inclination varies as the size varies. Mostly men directly stare at women’s breasts rather than their face. In the same way, women are very crazy about their breasts as they do not want to feel or look unattractive in any case.

Breast – One of the curvaceous parts!

why men love breasts


Men do not have any curves in their bodies. One thing is crystal clear they love curves, passionately! Breast is one of the shapely and curvaceous parts a woman body has. At the same time, it is the symbol of beauty and composure for a woman. This beauty icon serves the role of increasing women’s self-confidence and pride. That is what all men want to appreciate in women!