15 Ridiculous Things People Do With Their Pets

When the finest of four-legged friends is around, people’s logic and reason seems to go out the window. They’re so cute! Oh my god! LOL! Etcetera… This leads to normally rational human beings doing completely irrational things with their pets. You know you’ve done it – if you’re a pet owner, that is. And, ever if you don’t own a pet, you’ve thought about all of the ridiculous things you’d do with one. Well, some things are more ridiculous than others… Not sure what we mean? Take a look at these 15 ridiculous things people do with their pets!


1. Come On, Now!

What is it about poodles? They are, and seemingly always have been, the preferred dog for people who have no idea what to do with all of the money they have. Take this dog you’re looking at for example. Can you think of any sane reason why you would get your poodle’s hair cut (and colored) in order for it to look like a peacock? Maybe if you’re an executive for NBC, we suppose. But, we’re not sure that’s something you want to brag about!