10 Strange Things Seen On Google Street View

Many people who have utilized smart devices like tablets and smartphones are quite familiar with Google’s advancement in technology especially in the department of mapping. Through this, Google has been able to map virtually every country, every city, every street and every business among others.

Apart from this, Google has added a unique feature known as Google Street View that enables users to have a view of a city or town at street level. While this feature allows one to take a virtual journey to another city, there are others things that many people may have not realized.

If you were to check carefully, you may realize some strange, funny and utterly brilliant sights.

Below are 10 of the strangest things seen on Google street view.

10. Large masked bird people


In Musashino, a small town near Tokyo, a Google street view car was able to capture a bunch of people wearing bird masks. The eight people were dressed normally but on their heads, they were wearing large masks that looked like pigeons.

What has puzzled many people is the purpose of the gear and what they were doing at that exact moment. Many people have come up with theories that the people were simply going about their duties or they were heading to an event.

Regardless of the theories, what they were planning to do still remains a secret.