10 Sensual Aphrodisiacs and How they Got their Reputation

For centuries mankind has searched for aphrodisiacs that could be used to heighten both sensuality and desire. During this time it has been claimed that specific foods can arouse the libido and increase pleasure with your better half. Here is a list of the top 10 sensual food aphrodisiacs that you may want to add to your next shopping list.

1. Appealing Avocados


Would it surprise you to learn that the avocado earned its reputation as an aphrodisiac in two different countries? Among people of the Aztec culture the fruit was christened with the name “ahuacatl”. This is the Aztec word for testicle, which an avocado is said to resemble. Needless to say the fruit was in high demand during the days of the Aztec dynasties. The French king, Louis XIV, heavily promoted the use of this food when he was a reigning monarch. King Louis claimed that eating an avocado would restore the energy of the libido and build sexual desire. Today many still believe that the appearance and texture of the avocado contain aphrodisiac properties.