10 Vegetables That Aren’t Really Good For You

We are always told to eat our vegetables, but what if some vegetables just aren’t that great for us? Although this is a list of the unhealthiest vegetables, a vegetable from the earth is still a whole food that contains vitamins and minerals and has unique healing properties–but sometimes there are just much healthier options out there.

Here, certified nutritional practitioner and co-founder of The Living Kitchen Tamara Green shares 10 vegetables you should beware of.

1. Potato


While white potatoes do have health benefits, many people consider them to be more of a starch and when compared with their green vegetable friends they don’t really stand up to the nutritional punch.

They’re also on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list–they are one of the vegetables that have the highest pesticide levels, which is harmful for our nervous system and especially our liver, one of the hardest-working organs.

These spuds are part of the nightshade family, a group of vegetables that contain alkaloids, which have an impact on nerve-muscle function, joint function and digestive function.

Some great substitutes for white potatoes are sweet potatoes, mashed cauliflower and jicama.