5 Basic Things That Are Depriving You of Sleep

Good sleep involves timing, quality and duration. For adults, getting less than six hours of sleep a night for a number of nights in a row means that they are not getting enough sleep. Bad sleep has many undesirable effects. Apart from feeling irritable and less alert and productive at work, sleep deprivation will make your appetite go up. You will crave high calorie foods more often, and this will mess up your metabolism causing you to gain weight.

These 5 things could be depriving you of sleep:

1. Use of Electronic Devices before bedtime


Researchers asked people about their sleeping habits and their coping strategies for dealing with their stress, and then followed up with them one year later. They found a slight increase in insomnia when people dealt with their stress by distracting themselves with TV and movies, instead of healthier habits like exercise or meditation. You will have a bad night’s sleep if you do not switch off your TV or keep your Smartphone or tablet, or e-reader away before bedtime — anything emitting that addictive blue light, which, research suggests, can decrease secretion of melatonin, the hormone that helps you drift off to sleep, for an hour and a half.

People who keep cell phones in their bedrooms get less sleep at night than people who ban cell phones from the bedroom. This is because they spend extra time texting, checking Facebook, playing games, and so on. They have a harder time falling asleep, and a hell of a time getting up in the morning. Staring lovingly into a screen right before bed is a pretty good way to ensure that you will have trouble falling asleep.