5 Things Only Lifeguards Know About Public Pools

Summer is a time for fun and for swimming. Many people heard to the local pool to take a dip and cool down. These people go and swim in the public pool without a care. There are some dark secrets that public pool is hiding. There are horrifying five things that only lifeguard know about public pools.

5. People May Be Gross But the Pool Is Grosser


Lifeguard have fished many things out of the pools that swimmer do not know about. They have removed everything from used tampons to dirty diapers, and vomit. Every bodily function that a person can do has been removed from public pools. Lifeguards have also removed dead frogs, a number of rodents, and even birds that have accidentally drowned in the pool. After using a public pools it is important to shower. This will remove dead skin cells as well as any fecal matter. It will also help remove the burning feeling from the chlorine that is used to kill all this grossness.