10 Myths About Introverts

Many times people are classified into different categories. These classifications normally come from how people are perceived by others around them, and the experiences that they encounter from a wide diversity of situations. One of the most noteworthy groupings that many people make today is placing people in distinctive classes that are either an introvert or an extrovert. Previously, extroverts were the preferred group because they could be viewed as those that were outgoing, successful, in the know, born leaders and the like, On the other hand, introverts was the group that did not know how to communicate their thoughts openly to others because they were too shy to voice their opinions. While these perceptions have appeared to be true, it is important that people know that these groups of people are more complex than most may think. In fact, here are 10 common myths about introverts that people should review.

Myth #1 – Introverts like to be left alone


One of the most commonly known myths about introverts is that like to be alone so they do not want to spend time out with others. This is far from the truth since they are more prone to be socially cautious. Which means, instead of spending their time with anyone that they meet, they tend to be more cautious about who they let into their lives until they know who they are dealing with. So, once this person has had an opportunity to check others out, they will stand back or not participate at all until they are comfortable with a new relationship.