5 Reasons Why Guys Prefer Girls That Are Small Sized

Guys are quite strange when it comes to dating. Many women opine that being tall and good-looking is being the main allure to their potential date. However, that is not always true. The vulnerability towards a particular woman makes the relation quite entertaining.
A too much attractive and beautiful woman can create an inferiority complex in the potential partner, which can make him keep some distance in a relationship (Bornstein, 2013). The best way to be attractive before a large number of men is being short and simple, in all the possible ways. There are several reasons for which a guy might like short girls for dating. Here, is a list of few such reasons.

1. Guys always want to get the upper hand in a romantic gateway

Hot-Couple-Walking-on-Beach-Image-2015 This is one of the topmost reasons why shorter women would be liked by guys. Down the ages, guys have always thought of as more aggressive, and the girls are considered as fairer sex (Wolf, 2013). Though the generation has changed, yet the psychological impact of this idea is not completely vague.
Guys want girls who are more committed to a relationship and are more secure to date. Shorter women are more secure than taller women as partners. So, a tall guy would always want to date a woman who is shorter than him.