Top 9 Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

With Valentine’s Day quick approaching nearer, what better approach to praise love and fondness for ladies the world over than to make a list out of the ten sexiest female characters in computer games! Whether they are kicking foe butt or basically only there for the beautiful sight, I trust these are the most bewitching driving women that amusements bring to the table. Here are Top 10 sexiest female video game characters and you will appreciate.

9. Rayne


In today’s general public, vampires are in vogue. Tragically, as the world gets soaked with vamps who are not so much frightening but rather more sparkly, the request leaves for a few of us who recall that being a vampire used to be somewhat renegade. Wouldn’t it be decent if there would someone say someone were to set everybody straight? Somebody female, and maybe dressed illogically? Goodness better believe it, what about Rayne? Not just is this vampire-slayer to a great degree compelling at her specialty, yet she figures out how to make it look super hot! Great… generally amazing.