Top 5 female body parts men like to explore the most

In today’s society, many women around the world sometimes feel insecure about their appearance, in plain words, their bodies. Nonetheless, they can’t imagine that in men world, their hair, eyes, lips, breasts and feet are five out of many strikingly appealing female body parts.

5 female body parts men find attractive the most


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According to a survey in the UK, out of 1000 men, up to 54% choosing black hair as the most “anti-personnel part”. A man easily pays attention to the first thing at the very first sight: Women’s hair. Males particularly like fondling female’s hair when being together. Some men love long and black hair while others prefer a short, sophisticated and blondes bob. Generally, this is the main part of female body which menfolk take heed to. Woman, hence, had better care for her hair and retains its fragrance in order to draw her partner closer.