12 Women That Have a Wallet as Atractive as Them

Gonzalez Bills are getting more expensive every month and good work is hard to find these days. So, in this age of sexual equality, why not try and become a male gold digger? However, that can be complicated if you don’t have a taste for old widows or less-than-gracious daughters of millionaires. Well, this 12 stunning ladies landed in The Richest’s most beautiful women in the world on 2016 and are loaded as hell. So, next time you are thinking of getting a sugar mama, why not think of…

12. Nina Dobrev


Net worth: 6 million dollars
This beautiful Bulgarian-Canadian model and actress is worth just a couple million dollars, but has a hotness to wealth ratio that many would envy. A talented actress, Nina is best known for her role as Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries and now is doing movies. Thank god we can see her in a bigger screen.