4 Hottest Scenes of Fifty Shades of Grey

4. The Tampon Scene (Fifty Shades of Gray Chapter 23)

If you just have room schedule-wise to peruse one of Fifty Shades’ sex-ceptional forrays into unusual, hot, unusual steam, then turn the novel open to the twenty-third chapter for the steamiest of the steamiest and the sexiest of the sexiest.James draws you into the throes of sexual anger with her most instinctive dialect and incoherent sentence structure yet! He comes to between my legs and pulls on the blue string – what?! – and delicately takes my tampon out and hurls it into the close-by can. Blessed fuck. Sweet mother of all … Jeez. And after that he’s inside me … ah!


Furthermore, now you likely don’t feel all that terrible that your sex life is so exhausting you need to peruse Fifty Shades of Gray.