5 Sexiest Female Celebrity Smile

Smile is the best makeup one can wear on their face. It is the direct path to one’s heart. A beautiful smile on your loved one’s face can melt your heart and relive all day stress in an eye blink. When someone has pearly white, straight teeth, they are usually described as having that celebrity smile. Celebrities turn into popularity because of smiles on their face. The face of these gorgeous women in Hollywood, lights up the TV screen with their grins, and amazing appearance. Not surprisingly, many of these famous smiles have placed these women among the hottest celebrities of all time, and have put them on the covers of top beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazines, billboards, and advertisement campaigns all over the world. These photogenic babes, arguably have one of the best smile in the world. From impeccably plump lips to a set of pearly white teeth, they look picture perfect on screen. Who do you consider has the most sexiest smile?

This article includes the list of some Hollywood beauties with the best smile.

1. Miranda Kerr

Beautiful-Miranda-Kerr-3-10095-HD-Images-Wallpapers Her beautiful skin and angelic smile have landed Miranda Kerr on our list of best female celebrity smile. Any objection? Certainly not! Sexy is the word for the girl with great looks and beautiful smile. Her mega-watt smile makes the girl more desirable and wanted. Her divine smile perfectly compliments her cute dimples on her blushing cheeks. Bet, you couldn’t smile any wider than Miranda Kerr. She is prevailing with her famous perfect smile.