Expensive Bikinis of All Time!!!

Summer is finally here, and apart from the boys and girls readying themselves to showcase their to-die-for beach bodies, women are also preparing for something else. Of course, it is not enough for some to just reveal their hot bods, they also need to think of how they are going to cover themselves (or basically just the parts that people think need to be covered). Bikinis of different styles and prints are all over the market. They are all in demand this season, that’s why some of them are actually sky-rocket when it comes to prices. However, here’s the ten of the most expensive bikinis of all time.

1. Gucci


Gucci is a luxury brand of fashion originated in Italy. Known for the sleek tailoring and stretchy finish, Gucci bikinis provide all day comfort for the beach bum women. There are variations of styles, design and print, from bold bikinis to floral-print one pieces which cost up to $600.