List of 6 Sexiest Famous Single Moms

Parenting is a tough job especially when it comes to dealing with a child being single. But you will be surprised to know that even the famous celebrities are dealing with the regular single parenting situations. Some are single parents by choice and aren’t even married, some are divorced and some have plenty of other reasons. You will be surprised to see the lit of celebrities that are single moms.
Here is a list of 6 sexiest famous single moms that are rocking their looks and beautiful kids:

1. Sandra Bullock

sandra-bullock-sexy-in-sofa_1440x900_90810 The Oscar winning actress for “The Blind Side” had three kids that belonged to Jesse James. After winning that Oscar she discovered that she was being cheated by her husband due to which she filed a divorce against him. Now Bullock is a mother of an adopted baby boy from New Orleans named Louis Bardo. Every single mom faces adversity but that didn’t stop Bullock from being the graceful lady and a super mom she is.