10 Countries With The Most Buttock Augmentations

1. Brazil


You guessed it. In 2013, 63,925 butt augmentations were performed on Brazilian soil…because Brazilians know what to do with that big fat butt. As a point of reference: the population of Brazil in 2013 was 203,342,000, which means one in every 3,181 people has had a butt implant procedure done. Number 10 on this list was Iran, with one butt augmentation surgery per every 111,680 people. Brazilians are always in the top two international leaders of the plastic surgery global economy. Their culture is very image-centric and like their neighbors Venezuela and Colombia, physical appearance is top priority here. Brazil is THE perfect place to show off your big ol’ booty on their world-famous beaches, but just keep in mind that what is important in life is what’s inside you…not what’s…behind…you?

Source: therichest