10 Reasons Why The USA Is Not The Best Country

Too many people especially from other countries consider the USA as one of the best countries in the world to live, work and study in. Well, this is not the case as according to the research the USA is actually not the best in the world and as much as it leads in a few areas it’s not exceptional as millions of Americans and foreigners may think. As they say, what has an advantage has a disadvantage and the same applies for the states. The USA leaders and citizens believe they are the best and not forgetting other countries support them as being the best which them makes not to see the problems around them making no room for improvement. To gain the title as being the best country ever, the USA has to look more on the overlooked issues and try to improve them for better livelihood.

Here are the 10 reasons as to why the USA is not the best country in the world

1. Education


The USA has the best schools and universities around like the Harvard University and other world d class universities. The government invests a lot in the education sector and this draws many foreigners to study in the USA. But unfortunately the USA is ranked the 17th country in the world as of 2011.