15 Celebrities and Their X Rated Movie Star Counterparts

Have you ever seen your look alike and you wonder how this happens? Well, this has happened to most people. You are trying to search through the channels and you suddenly flick on some program with someone that looks familiar only to find out you have mistaken. You would also be shocked if I told you that I would give you a list of very famous celebrities who have X rated counterparts. Let me take you through a list of 15 celebrities, who, look, oddly, similar, to X rated stars.

1. Kanye West and Gifted Shorty Mac

Kanye West and Gifted Shorty MacImagine of a tag team that comprises of Kanye and Gifted Mac. Much shouldn’t be said, but they would make a good team. Yes! You can’t deny the fact that Kanye looks like Mac the x rated film star. You would totally be amazed how identical they look. One glare at Macs appearance can send you thinking that you saw the famous artist Kanye.