15 Celebrities and Their X Rated Movie Star Counterparts

15. Lucy Liu and Asa Akira

Lucy Liu and Asa AkiraIt’s hard to believe how you would differentiate the two if they appeared in the same movie. They have same eyes, same look. Asa is a x rated film star that has been confused with Lucy for a very long time. You would probably think its one and the same person. Amazing, right?

It’s pretty seductive how celebrities can have x rated star doppelgangers, not many notice this. Don’t think that the list stops there? It continues. This is just a sample of the few I think you should really know, so the next time you turn on your favorite channel, don’t confuse them with their counterparts. Impersonators and imitators are of different types in Hollywood and the numbers continue to grow as time goes, it may go on for some time, even forever! This list contains starlets that have taken this to a whole new level. Here are 15 celebrities, who, look, oddly, similar, to, x rated movie star that you should know that will blow your mind.