10 Instagram Profiles To Follow If You Like Big Butts

For the past few decades, the world has been obsessed with being skinny. At every Fashion Week since the eighties, stick-thin models have been pranced down the runway with nary a curve in sight. Since the early 2000s, the waifish trend has been taken to the extreme and the girls being hired to catwalk have become straight up emaciated – so much so that countries have started to implement body weight laws for models in an attempt to prevent eating disorders. Thankfully, a new body shape has slowly and surely started to emerge that celebrates women’s curves and the child-bearing hips that most of them have been blessed with. The craze started with Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian and has become a widespread phenomenon ever since: after being deprived of them for so many years, the world is ready to embrace big butts again.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today and women have cleverly figured out how to land modelling contracts, acting gigs or sponsorship deals by using it. We’ve rounded up a list of the 10 profiles to follow if you love big butts – many of the ladies featured on it have transitioned their assets into serious cash flow and careers. We love this new body shape because it promotes healthy eating habits, physical fitness and feeling good about being female instead of trying to look androgynous. Power to the babes mentioned below.

10. Julia Gilas – @juliagilas



Ukrainian-born Julia Gilas is a model in California and takes her butt very seriously. She earns a living from it, so she says that she focuses on working it out every single day and eating healthily to keep her calorie intake in check. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram and posts lots of workout videos and food photos to show her fans just how she gets her incredible body. Gilas has a successful hair extension company and charges $7.99 a month for members to join her website at jgilas.com, where she posts frequent webcam videos in a reality TV style with her equally good looking friends.