See How Pia Cattapan Boasts A Timeliness Sexiness With Photos From Positano

One Fire Beach. This is one of the hottest places in Southwest Italy. Female model Pia Cattapan shows off her body with style, bringing this year’s summer to a whole new level.

As the Playboy website says, this young model was photographed by Jen Senn. Senn, is known to be the photographer behind the shots of Mila J’s stunning body, Gina Buldorini’s engagement, Emma Downey in her bed, as well as Anna Tunhav in a more retro mood.

This time, her lenses capture the lovely young model Pia Cattapan, who was at the time located in Positano, Italy. The results were Pia’s insane pictures with skies drenched by the sun, foamy, clear, yet glistering water, at of the hottest resort spots on the Amalfi Coast. It was an outstanding photo shooting session for the naturally beautiful model originating from Australia, who currently lives in London, UK. Here are seven of the hottest pictures that were shared both on Playboy’s magazine and Pia’s Instagram page.

We know you will enjoy these pictures just as much as Pia enjoyed taking them.

1. First Positano Picture

Pia Cattapan

You can find this hot picture on Pia’s official Instagram page. With a light touch of makeup from famous makeup artist Elayna Bachman, this very first picture is inarguably the hottest one in the set. In case you were wondering, this very beach is located not too far from Praiano, a small, yet beautiful city south of Pompeii.