10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Illuminati

The Illuminati have inspired a great deal of discussion over the years. Some people think that they are a complete hoax. Other people think that they are responsible for so much of what has happened in the world that they seem more like a brotherhood of wizards than a secret human society of any kind. However, even the people who obsessively research the Illuminati for the sake of learning anything that they can about this elusive and possibly fictional group may not know about all of the facts that have been attributed to them all these years. Whether the Illuminati are simply the products of fiction or a real society, here are some obscure facts about them.

1. They have three main ranks: nursery, masonry, and mystery.


The Illuminati were allegedly founded during the Enlightenment, when class distinctions were only starting to be challenged. The idea that this group doesn’t have some sort of a social ranking system would seem hard to believe. This ranking system makes them seem more like a military organization as well. The nursery, unsurprisingly, is the lowest rank and the masonry is the middle rank.