Top 10 Attractive Female DJs in the World

After walking into a club the music takes one by surprise as it is supposed to define the theme of this party. A well-dressed DJ who looks incredibly sweet and stunning gives the party that added zing by adding a dose of glamour. Below are some of the top 10 attractive female DJ

1. Lisa Kensington

DJ-Lisa-KensingtonShe is a multi-talented woman who comes from New York and works as both a DJ and a model. Her elegant and unique styles of music have made her well appreciated by her audience as she mixes up very sweet vocals which not only lighten up the club but also accentuate her own personality.

2. Tenashar


She is from Asia and is considered to be one of the most gorgeous DJs worldwide. Her innocent face combined with her super attractive body makes her very pleasure-loving lady by elevating her music playing style. This gives her an edge over other attractive female DJs.

3. Tamara Sky

Tamara SkyShe is from Puerto Rico and doubles up as a model and a DJ. To be among the worlds best looking disk jockey one has to have both beauty and that perfect body both of which Tamara sky has. Using her charm she is able to boost the energy and the music of the party. The world is swaying and spinning from her good looking and tunes.

4. Seherezade


For many she has being a reputable and well known disc jockey not only known for her glamorous and bold looks but also since she was a former model for FHM who did plenty of photo shoots for them. Watching her play, one is mesmerized by her appealing personality. She ensures that everyone at the party has a good time by boosting the spirit of the party.

5. Ane Teri

She is a sweet, beautiful and seductive Ukrainian DJ who gets away with just about anything as she plays in VIP parties and clubs. Her attractive and super body has helped her to make a mark among the world’s attractive female DJs.

6. Juicy M

DJ-Juicy-MMarta Martus popularly known by her stage name Juicy M is a Ukrainian DJ popular for her progressive and electro music mixes. Her videos on YouTube have made her very immensely famous today and mix multiple CDs without headphones. She has a great body and extraordinarily good looking. Her sweet personality and music are apparently what have helped her rise to fame.

7. Keli Hart

keliFrom Australia she is a famous and among the most attractive DJs in the country who has some very good features that no one can ignore. Not only has she impressed people with her very exceptional music but also with her sensuous features and beauty. This has made her win very many accolades.

8. Claudia Cazau

Claudia Cazau

She is a Romanian seductive and good looking woman who is known for her trance and tech house mixes. She has being around the world on her gig and tour destinations. Vegas, Portland, Sweden and Italy are some of the place she has being to.

9. Mari Ferrari

Mari Ferrari

She plays in sophisticated and high chic clubs and many people know her as the most fashionable disc jockey. Her skin tone and bold looks help her stand out in a crowd. Although being young, she has already made her name in the DJ world and built herself an enviable career.

10. Nikki Bellucci

niki-belucciShe is very beautiful DJ who plays sensuous and erotic music. She portrays vibe, freedom and seductive thus her performances stand out as compared with other DJs.

All in all, not only do these female DJs win the heart of their audience but also mesmerize them with their sweetness and great looks.