Top 10 Hottest Photos of Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Everyone loves heroes, especially when the hero is a woman. She is not just any woman, she is Wonder Woman. You’ve probably heard of this lady or read something about her. She is famous as an Amazon Woman and now she is on the big screen. Not only is her beauty unrivalled, but critics conclude she’s more than a pretty face with her abilities as an actress.

Who is Wonder Woman?

An Israeli beauty and former model who maintains an excellent figure. A woman of many talents, before she found modelling Gadot was in the army. Far from camera shy, Wonder Woman looks as good in a swimsuit as she would in sweatpants. Here are the top ten pictures of Gal Gadot.

1. Costume

wonder woman

The costume is number one picture of her. You can see her beautiful face and strong body.

10. Black and white

hot girl

Just with a simple shirt, we can see enough to get excited.

Whether you love the movie or hate it. Gal Gadot will be there to comfort you. Easy on the eyes, she is also proving that she is one of the hottest models working on set. If you want to find more about Gadot and see more pictures, her Instagram page is full of them. Or you can Google her. These photos may not be nude, but they’re still sexy.