Top 10 Richest Models in the World

The list of world’s richest models is dominated by Victoria’s Secret angels. There have been many Victoria’s Secret models over the years and some have been more successful than others. Here are the 10 richest models in the world.

#1. Gisele Bunchden – Net Worth: $290 Million

Gisele Bunchden is one of the most successful Victoria’s Secret models ever. Mrs Tom Brady is one of the biggest names in the modelling industry with a 2013 net earnings of $42 million. She is now the face of H&M replacing Beyoncé. She also got the deal with Chanel instead of Rihanna and she over took Kate Moss from being David Yurman’s endorser. She was born in Brazil and has become the United Nations goodwill ambassador in their environment program. She currently has an estimated net worth of $290 Million.