6 Reasons You Can’t Trust Science Anymore

Science has become a way of publicity and gaining fame than about actual results. Tests that are not fully matured find their way into the market. Safety and results of the trials are thrown out the window, making science more of a joke. So why has science changed for the worse?

1. Results of the Larger Population are Overlooked


Normal medical test results either come-out positive or negative. The hypotheses that scientific methods seek to prove need at most 10 percent backing. However, modern day experiments results show a 70 to 90 percent support. This gap is wide and is almost unbelievable.

Publishing companies are skewing the results towards positive. This is because of the market perception which affects the impact of negative test results. The publication bias is not an assurance that the research is working.

Scientists care more about positive results and would do as many trials as possible until they achieve this. The data or population may not represent the market. It is deceitful and negligent but works in securing research funding and acceptance.