Top Ten Fastest Supper Cars 2016

Oftenly, whenever we talk about cars there is always that sense of classification that comes with it. When rating a car’s performance in general there is nothing quite captivating and thrilling like speed.
Speed comes with power, pride and ever present dangers but people still aim higher and put more of their efforts into surpassing past records which our society has addiction for and that’s speed. If you are one of the people who has no room to be looked down on when it comes to speed then this article will help you to identify the ten worlds most fastest cars.
Bear in mind that being the number one on the road requires some sacrifice, one of them being digging deeper in your pocket.

1. Hennessey Venom GT 2016

This car comes with 7litres LS7 turbocharged V8 twin engine. It is capable to generate 1244 horse power. The cars price tag is $1,000,000 or it may go up if influenced by some key factors. According to the test conducted in February this year in Florida, it emerged to be the fastest car in the world currently with a speed of up to 270 miles per hour.