10 Robots That Are Learning Scary New Skills

Robotics was introduced to TV viewing audiences with the Buck Rogers series, and then there was Robby the Robot in 1956, Rosie from the Jetsons, the Roomba vacuum cleaners, and recently the hitchhiking robot. Artificial intelligence and robotics is a science that is becoming more popular in a variety of industries and environments, including domestic uses. There are different categories in robotic and artificial intelligence technology, that includes:

  • Swarm robotics: multiple robots working together.
  • Human robotic interaction: robots designed for advanced human and robotic interaction in everyday life.
  • Biomimetics: robotic devices that respond in action like animals in climbing, walking, and jumping to fit into any environment.
  • Telerobotics: this is a field that allows the remote control of robots. This is presently viewed in medical surgery.
  • Adaptive robotics: this research field of robotics refers to robots that are adaptable and can transform their shape to fit into any environmental surface.

Here is a list of 10 robots that are learning scary new skills:

10. BINA 48

BINA 48 is a robotic head and shoulder avatar that was created by a millionaire to look and act likes his wife. The whole idea is to create an interaction between humans and robot technology. BINA can conduct a limited vocabulary conversation. The Lifenaut project is researching how database information can be downloaded into human clones and robot avatars.