5 Upcoming Smartphones In 2017 Worth Waiting For

Smartphones or better pocket computers is a term which gains everyone’s attention quite fastly. Almost all individual owns a smartphone and it is really difficult to imagine a day without a smartphone. When you can access across the world with just a 5 to 6 inch device, life is quite smooth. There are continuous advancements in smartphone technology and developers are consistently putting their skills in making smartphones highly upgrading. So here is a list of the upcoming smartphones in 2017 which individuals can gain access over easily.

5 upcoming smartphones in 2017 worth waiting for

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge

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Via Day Herald

First thing among top 5 upcoming smartphones in 2017 is Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. This most talked phone is expected to be launched around early 2017. Samsung is gearing up for a successful launch and expecting a huge success out of this product specially what happened to Note 7. Everyone is expecting major changes in the overall look of the phone and anticipating the hugely rumored folding display in this product. Apart from this, Samsung might launch 5G-support and super high resolution screen with lighting fast processor. However, a lot of people are expecting a payment gateway to be incorporated in this device to overcome the failure of last generation device. Talks will be talks but certainly this phone is a worth waiting for.