Dog Has An Extraordinary Talent You Need To See

Barry is no ordinary dog; this Bedlington terrier has a gift for riding a bike.
Three-year-old Barry, who lives with his owners Wayne Sowerby and his partner Kate Hayllar in Cumbria, began to play on skate boards when he was just a young pup.
His owner Wayne, 29, explains: “One day we had a skateboard out and he started playing with it. We were just playing and we put him on the skateboard and he loved it, so we started gently pushing him on it and it just went from there.”
The adventurous dog soon set himself the much harder challenge of riding a trike. Wayne says that the family were outside playing with Barry one day when they spotted the trike and decided to see if he would sit on it.
“And when we moved away he just carried on sitting there and we thought ‘What’s going on here?'”
The couple take the precaution of helping Barry steer the bike with two lines of fishing wire.

Source: YouTube