10 Creepy Things Pulled Out of People’s Ears

As if the gunk of ear wax that we pull out of our ears after neglecting them for so long wasn’t horrendous enough, you will want to check your ears every second after finding out what weird things these people pulled out of theirs.

We like to think of ourselves as fairly clean people, but sometimes gross things happen to good people. Imagine waking up to find out that an ongoing earache turned out to be the cause of a wandering cockroach. The abysses and crevices of our body can enclose many things, bugs creepily being one of them. Unknowingly, bugs enter our body in our day to day lives with you least expecting it. Urban myths say that the average person swallows eight spiders in their sleep and roughly eight insect particles when we eat chocolate. But the repulsiveness does not cease there. The FDA approves of a small amount of maggots, rodent hair, and mammalian excreta in certain foods. While this is enough to instill fear in people’s minds, these people on this list are probably traumatized for life. From roaches to centipedes, read more to find out which nasty things were removed from these people’s ears.

10. Moth and Tick


Michael Gorman of Lee Summit Missouri, was in a surprise awakening while with his buddies one night. Out of nowhere, a moth lunged directly into his ear. Gorman explained that he felt the moth bump into his ear, and as soon as he went to smack it, it was too late. The moth found a new home and even brought a roommate– a tick. As Michael heard the uncontrollable flapping of the moth in his ear, his friends tried to help relieve the moth with a pair of tweezers and a flash light. After struggling to dig deep inside in his ears, they were finally able to kick out the unwelcomed pair.

Video contains strong language.