5 Interesting Facts About Cats That May Surprise You

There are so many cat questions that one would be tempted to inquire. Cats are one of a kind creatures. Their habits may appear to be surprising to many however serve a cat well. Here are some interesting facts about cats.

1. Microchip is the best way to make a cat get home easily

interesting facts about cats 1

People often think that rubbing some butter on a cat’s claws is an easy way to get their cat home, especially on shifting to a new house but this is not true. A better way that ensures the cat to reach home is to keep the cat confined to new home, allowing it to realize that the new place is its home and secure. The best option is to incorporate a microchip in cat’s body so that even if it gets lost, you can most often locate its position. However, it is important to modify the information of changed address on the chip.