10 Creepiest Places on Earth… #7 Gives Me The Chills

1. Find Terror at (the Island of the Dolls) Isla de las Munecas


Unhappy spirits haunts this abandoned island near Mexico City. According to legend a man lived on this island many years ago. He stayed alone without friends, neighbors or family. One day he found the body of a young girl on the shore. Some say he had tried to save her but was unsuccessful in the attempt. A few days later he discovered a doll floating in the water. This man believed the doll belonged to the girl and he apparently thought that her ghost was now going to torture him for not saving her from the water. Soon he claimed to find more dolls floating onto the shore. He created a bizarre tribute to the dead girl by dismembering the dolls and placing the various heads, limbs and eyes all over the island. He eventually met the same fate as the young girl he once discovered. He also drowned in the water at the very same location. These plastic body parts are now everywhere. Hanging from tree branches, attached to tree trunks and scattered throughout the island landscape. It is quite an unsettling sight to see, but today this is exactly what tourists flock to Isla de la Munecas to experience.